Parker is a Florida Raised musician, and the “most mister ordinary guy there is.”

KODAK Digital Still CameraVandalism… I think someone was going through my trash, looking for credit card receipts because they knew I toured [with a band]. And I think they found a place that mailed us our medications and just cross-referenced the medication. Plus I had went from 230 pounds down to 131, so it was kind of obvious that something was wrong. I think I know who did it. It was a kid. And the reason that I was able to recreate that on there was because I’m not homophobic in any way. I’m probably the most open- minded person that you’ll ever meet.

Finger Pointing… I came home from a hospital stay once. I don’t know how word got out, but people in the neighborhood knew. Some kids were getting off a bus, and these were middle school age kids I guess, between 12 and 14. And they’re wheeling me in the house on a gurney, and it was all pointing. They may have just been pointing to day, “Hey look! What’s up with Mister E?” But in my brain, it was, “Look! Look! That’s the one!”

KODAK Digital Still CameraHomophobic Assumptions… Back in the day, they figured the only people that got [HIV] were homosexual. And that had a negative connotation to the point that I had people yelling at me, running up and down the street. There were a few instances when people would just come right out and ask. “Oh I didn’t know you were gay!” And I was like, “Well, does it make any difference whether I am or I’m not? I’m not even going to tell you. It doesn’t make a difference.” And that was the only association, that – ‘Wow! He’s gay! He’s got AIDS!’ The uncle that I’m named after actually set me down and told me, “Why didn’t you feel close enough to me to tell me that this was the way you were?” I’m like, “What do you mean, the way I am?” He says, “Well I didn’t know you went that way. You know!” I told him it’s not the only way you can get it! And I just kind of gave up after that.

KODAK Digital Still Camera“Not my Uncle’s Favorite Nephew Anymore…” This is a recreation of something I went through when I went to my uncle’s house. I’d been over there and ate with him 1000 times. I had a key to his house. I came and went, I used his bathroom, I ate dinner with him, I hugged and kissed my aunt. And then I went over to dinner one night, and he said, “I need to talk to you on the back porch.” He said, “Man, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but, when you’re over, you’re going to have to use paper plates, paper cups and plastic forks.” So at that time, it was kind of a smack in the face. It didn’t really hit me until I went in and I saw the table set, and there was one spot with a Dixie cup and a paper plate and some plastic utensils, and that put me in my place. Now I wasn’t his favorite nephew anymore. I was the guy that had to eat with disposable utensils. It was in my face every time I went over there. I started making excuses not to come eat.

Family Bias…
That’s my grandmother’s china hutch. She’s gone now, but that’s my uncle’s mother. That china hutch has been in our family for 120 years. In the china hutch there were paper plates, plastic forks, Dixie cups, and rubber gloves. I mean, I was included in the family. They let me keep being part of the family. But in the china hutch, along with all of her good dishes, was the stuff that I had to use. That’s why I said the most bias I ever got has been from my family.