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WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HIV? visit:                                                                             HIV Basics – CDC

WORRIED THAT YOU ARE AT RISK FOR HIV?                                                                               To GET TESTED for HIV in Kansas City, visit:                                                                            STD Clinics in KC                                                                                                                              KC Care Clinic – HIV & STD Screening                                                                                          KC Good Samaritan Project

More information about testing nationally: HIV Testing – Basics

Living with HIV – The Basics

If you have just been diagnosed with HIV, visit:                                                                        Locate an HIV Care Provider

To GET CARE for HIV in the Kansas City area, visit:                                                                   KC Care Clinic                                                                                                                           Truman Medical Center

If you need help finding HIV prevention or care, you can access these national online directories at:                                                                                                                                    POZ Health Services Directory                                                                                                    Databases and Listings of HIV/AIDS Service Providers

To learn more about taking care of yourself with HIV, visit:                                             – Seeing Your Healthcare Provider

You are not alone! To see other photos and stories of HIV+ people, visit:                           POZ Stories                                                                                                                                     Avert – Living With HIV Stories                                                                                                     HIV Stops With Me – Micro Film Series                                                                                     HIV= Photo Campaign                                                                                                     GreaterThan – Campaigns

Living with HIV – Long Term Survivors

Read about long-term survivors, AIDS Survivor Syndrome, and quality of life concerns: The Well Project – Long Term Survivors

Learn about the long-term survivor grassroots movement:                                                   Lets Kick ASS

You are not alone! To see other photos and stories of HIV+ people, visit:                           The Well Project

Community-Specific Information

HIV Among Men

HIV Among Women

African Americans
HIV Among African Americans

HIV Among Hispanics and Latinos

Gay and Bisexual Men
HIV Among Gay & Bisexual Men

African American Gay and Bisexual Men
HIV Among African American Gay & Bisexual Men

Transgender People
HIV Among Transgender People

Pregnant Women, Infants, and Children
HIV Among Pregnant Women, Infants, and Children

Incarcerated Populations
HIV Among Incarerated Populations

Sex Workers
HIV Among Sex Workers

People Aged 50+
HIV Among Older Americans

Aging and HIV:
Aging and HIV

To see video stories of older people living with HIV, visit:
Graying of AIDS

Want to help a family member or friend with HIV?

Advice if your family/friend is newly diagnosed and how to be supportive:
Supporting Family/Friends with HIV

Other tips for family and friends:
Your HIV Support Team

Want to get involved in HIV action or policy?

Learn how to be an advocate for yourself or others:
Advocating – The Well Project

Take action, track HIV-related legislation, and learn about HIV policy priorities:
HIV Policy and Legislation

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